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What is DecoderProSave.exe and how to use it?

What is DecoderProSave.exe and how to use it?

DecoderProSave.exe is a software tool that can decode Prosave files (.psr) that are created by Siemens HMI devices such as OP7 and OP17. Prosave files are backups of the HMI configuration and parameters that can be uploaded or downloaded using Prosave software. However, Prosave software cannot open or edit these files directly, so DecoderProSave.exe can be useful for extracting the information from them.

DecoderProSave.exe can output .txt files that contain all the parameters and screens of the Prosave file. This can help users to recover or modify their HMI projects, especially if they do not have the original project file. For example, users can find the area pointer address, screen texts, alarm messages, and other settings from the .txt files.


To use DecoderProSave.exe, users need to have the Prosave file (.psr) that they want to decode. They also need to run the tool in a virtual PC or with caution, as some virus scanners may detect a trojan inside the file. Users can download DecoderProSave.exe from various online sources, such as this link or this link. Users can also request a copy from other users who have it on online forums, such as this thread.

Once users have DecoderProSave.exe and the Prosave file (.psr), they can run the tool and select the file to decode. The tool will then generate .txt files in the same folder as the Prosave file. Users can then open and view these files with any text editor.

DecoderProSave.exe is a handy tool for Siemens HMI users who need to access or modify their Prosave files. However, users should be careful when using it and always backup their files before making any changes.

After decoding the Prosave file (.psr) with DecoderProSave.exe, users may want to edit or modify some of the settings or texts in the .txt files. However, this is not a straightforward process, as the .txt files are not directly compatible with any Siemens HMI software. Users need to either manually enter the changes in the HMI software or use some other tools to convert the .txt files to a project file that can be opened and edited by the HMI software.

One possible tool that can convert .txt files to a project file is Prosave, which is a free software from Siemens that can upload and download Prosave files (.psr) to and from HMI devices. Prosave can also create a project file (.fwx) from a Prosave file (.psr) that can be opened and edited by WinCC Flexible, which is another Siemens HMI software. However, Prosave cannot directly create a project file (.fwx) from .txt files, so users need to first create a Prosave file (.psr) from .txt files using DecoderProSave.exe.

To do this, users need to follow these steps:

  • Create a folder and name it as the HMI device type (e.g. OP17).

  • Copy all the .txt files that were generated by DecoderProSave.exe into this folder.

  • Run DecoderProSave.exe and select "Create PSR" option.

  • Select the folder that contains the .txt files and click "OK".

  • A Prosave file (.psr) will be created in the same folder as the .txt files.

Once users have a Prosave file (.psr) from their .txt files, they can use Prosave to create a project file (.fwx) from it. To do this, users need to follow these steps:

  • Start Prosave software on the PC via the Start menu.

  • Enter the HMI device type in the "General" tab.

  • Select "Ethernet" for the connection.

  • Enter an IP address. (The PC's IP address and the IP address used for the HMI device must be in the same subnetwork).

  • Select "Download" option and browse for the Prosave file (.psr) that was created from .txt files.

  • Click "Start" to download the Prosave file (.psr) to the HMI device.

  • Select "Upload" option and browse for a folder where to save the project file (.fwx).

  • Click "Start" to upload the project file (.fwx) from the HMI device to the PC.

Once users have a project file (.fwx) from their Prosave file (.psr), they can use WinCC Flexible to open and edit it. WinCC Flexible is a Siemens HMI software that can create and configure HMI projects for various HMI devices. Users can download WinCC Flexible from this link.

To open and edit a project file (.fwx) with WinCC Flexible, users need to follow these steps:

  • Start WinCC Flexible on the PC via the Start menu.

  • Select "File" -> "Open" and browse for the project file (.fwx) that was created from Prosave file (.psr).

  • The project will be opened and displayed in WinCC Flexible.

  • Users can edit or modify any settings or texts in the project as they wish.

  • Users can save their changes by selecting "File" -> "Save".

DecoderProSave.exe, Prosave, and WinCC Flexible are three tools that can help users to edit or modify their Prosave files (.psr). However, users should be aware of some limitations and risks of using these tools. For example:

DecoderProSave.exe may contain a trojan that 0efd9a6b88


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